Fitting Session breakdown:

During our fitting session we'll go through these main points:

  • Flexibility assessment, exercises, & stretches to evaluate rider before session
  • Consult rider on issues, and goals
  • Adjust proper cleat position, and explain the different types of pedals(most riders will have flat pedals)
  • Consult and instruct proper pedal stroke(during the session)
  • Advise and correct proper positions, mainly more upright
  • Adjust bicycle to client’s optimal position(parts are not included if need changing)
  • Consult various positions and options, based on rider and bike
  • Fitting evaluation notes, and suggestions during our session

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Maximize Power,
Minimize Strain

A professional custom bike fitting is the most effective way to maximize your abilities on the bike while conserving energy and reducing risk of injury.

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A professional custom bike fitting is the most effective way to maximize your abilities on the bike while conserving energy.

For over 18 years Pedro has single-handedly fitted over 10k cyclists on the West Coast. With his minimalist approach during his sessions, he’s been able to combine Science and Art in a humanistic way with the guidance of years of experience and the proper Bike Fitting certifications. No computer cameras are used in his sessions. Similar to a custom tailor, all sessions are done Dynamically and carefully break down your comfort, strengths, and needs. He explains the process while adjusting to your coordinates.  

Before his adventures of being a pro-bike Fitter, Pedro worked in the early Tech world in San Francisco as a Front-End Developer/Web Applications for many Bay Area tech companies. Before living and working in the Bay,  Pedro spent the majority of his early years living in Southern California and ended up in San Francisco in the 90’s, which he now calls home. You’ll find this guy just casually riding around the Bay Area or doing something active to keep his mental space happy. 

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Road Certified

Tri Certified


Purley Custom

Road / Gravel / Touring
Bike Fitting

Your session is specially custom adjusted to your body. This option is for clients that ride a Road Bike, Gravel Bike and Touring Bike.


Mountain or Commuter/
E-Bike Fitting

Being on a Mountain Bike/commuter and even E-Bikes still need that extra attention. Your session is specially adjusted to your body.


Triathlon / Time Trial
Bike Fitting

Your session is specially designed and set up to your body’s comfort and produce more power and save your legs for your run(triathletes know about this).


Corporate Fittings

This option is for groups that want to come in all at once/back to back. Great for cycling teams, triathlon groups. The group is mainly for 5-6 clients. Preferably scheduled on a Sunday.

Please email for the group rate.



Bike Fitting Programs

Your session is specially custom adjusted to your body, NO computer generated(algorithm) fits here. Just a proven method to take you to the next level.


More Services

Stationary Bike


Because even though it’s indoors, you can still cause injuries when not set up correctly

$ 160 .00

  • In person is always best, but GOOGLE video calls are also an option
  • Know your optimal position on your “spin” bike
  • Proper cleat position

What size bike should I get?

Body Measurements

Get measured to know the best bike size(s) for your body before you invest in a bike.

$ 175

  • Know what “in between sizing means”
  • Buy the right type of bike for your needs
  • Great option if buying a used bike

Prices Vary

Cleat Installation

Whether your flavor is road, mountain bike, or spin class; I can setup your cleats safely for your bike.

Prices Vary

  • In-Stock Cleats: Shimano Road | Shimano SPD | LOOK | Speedplay | Wahoo
  • Properly install cleats based on the rider’s type of feet
  • Need footbeds? We carry Specialized BG footbeds in-house


Hear From My Clients

Just a sampling of the feedback from my clientele on their improved cycling experience after a professional fit from yours truly.

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Getting fit by Pedro was awesome!

He knew a lot, and always made sure to explain why he made the changes he made to the bike. After getting fit, a lot of weird pains and discomforts that I never knew I had disappeared on my next ride, and my bike felt like an extension of myself.”

Pedro is the master of his craft! He really cares about your comfort on the bike.

He’s on the come up! Can’t thank him enough for his work because being a poor college student, he’s a great resource for bike fittings. Happy to see he is expanding his work. Give credit where it’s due!”

If you’re in the bay area, there is only one true choice. Vote for Pedro.

I can’t recommend Pedro enough. I had a bad taste in my mouth from 2 previous expensive, yet unhelpful fits back on the East Coast. I am forever a believer in the proper fitter from now on. I actually enjoyed my current bike before going to Pedro. Afterwards, I was smiling for 60 miles straight.

My legs feel a foot longer. I have so much more power in my stroke!

After fitting with Pedro I feel like a actually know how to ride. My riding position changed dramatically and now hills are incredibly easier. I now have access to the full range of my leg power into the pedal.


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Common Questions

Let’s get prepared to have a productive session together and get you on the road and/or trail in your best form.

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Do I need an appointment? Do you take walk-ins?

Sessions are by appointment only. To schedule click here »

Do I need to bring my bike for a Bike Fitting?

Yes – if you booked a “fitting” you will need to bring the bike.

If parts are needed, is it included in the “fitting” session?

If we need to change parts on your bike, they are NOT included in the fitting rate. Parts are extra.

Can I bring my other bike if I only booked one session?

Unfortunately sessions are timed and if you only booked 1 session we will only have enough time to work on one bike. The “buddy system” session is for 2 Bikes.

Where can I park my car?

Parking garage is available near the office:
Union Street Plaza Garage: 2001 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94123 (1 block away)
Lombard Public Parking Garage: 2055 Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94123 (3 short blocks away)

I want to buy a new or used bike but don’t know my size, what session do I book?

Not sure what size bike you need? Everyone has a different body geometry. The “body measurement” session would be the right  appointment to schedule.

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