We Are Open  

In compliance with the Shelter and Place, I am allowed to be open but with restrictions. For the safety of my clients and myself I ask clients:

  • book online and wear the proper safety restrictions that is now the new normal(masks and gloves) during our session.
  • I am also very limited to how many people are in the office throughout the day.
    • NO GUESTS, PARTNERS, and children are allowed inside without an appointment. The new normal is it will only be myself and the client.
  • after every session, the studio will be wiped down shortly after for the next client.

I look forward to seeing you guys, and please be safe during this SiP.

San Francisco Bay Area’s #1 Ranked Bike Fitter*

*Nationally ranked, actually: slowtwitch.com

A professional custom bike fitting is the most effective way to maximize your abilities on the bike while conserving energy.

A Professional Bike Fit is not just about getting a speed performance and it’s not just for elite/pro triathletes and cyclists. It is for everyone that rides a bike to commute or to race on. It can help improve comfort, reduce the risk of future injuries, increase bike handling ability and most important increase safety. All of which can be more relevant to those new to cycling, or with limited knowledge.

2018 I personally ended the year seeing over a thousand clients. Watching my clients progress to completing their first-century ride, to winning AG at KONA World Triathlon Championship in Hawaii.

By using several Bike Fitting methodology we can achieve your personal optimal position on your road bike, tri bike and even mountain bikes.

Fitting you on your bike, whether beginner or professional,
I will get you there!

Get Fitted


Road Certified

Tri Certified

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Purley Custom Certified

Purley Custom Certified

Bike Fittings

Come To Me


  • Visit My Studio
  • 1 Hour Appointment
  • Wear Your Biking Gear
  • Wear Your Biking Shoes
  • Schedule & Pay Online

Teams + Corporate


  • On-Site
  • Multiple Fittings
  • Wear Your Biking Gear
  • Wear Your Biking Shoes
  • Great For Clubs & Events

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More Services

How to

Break down your bike for travel


  • Learn the proper way of taking your bike apart
  • Step by Step | 1 Hour

Walk-in Service

Cleat Installation

Prices Vary

  • Road | MTB | Spin Class
  • We Stock Cleats:
    Shimano Road | Shimano SPD | LOOK

Optimal Bike

Body Measurements


  • Get measured to know the best bike size(s) for your body before you invest in a bike

    Stationary Bike

    PELOTON Fitting via Zoom


    • Because even though it’s indoors, you can still cause injuries when not set up correctly

    • Testimonial

      Getting fit by Pedro was awesome!


      He knew a lot, and always made sure to explain why he made the changes he made to the bike. After getting fit, a lot of weird pains and discomforts that I never knew I had disappeared on my next ride, and my bike felt like an extension of myself.

    • Testimonial

      If you’re in the bay area, there is only one true choice. Vote for Pedro.


      I can't recommend Pedro enough. I had a bad taste in my mouth from 2 previous expensive, yet unhelpful fits back on the East Coast. I am forever a believer in the proper fitter from now on. I actually enjoyed my current bike before going to Pedro. Afterwards, I was smiling for 60 miles straight.

    • Testimonial

      Pedro is the master of his craft! He really cares about your comfort on the bike.


      He's on the come up! Can't thank him enough for his work because being a poor college student, he's a great resource for bike fittings. Happy to see he is expanding his work. Give credit where it's due!

    • Testimonial

      My legs feel a foot longer. I have so much more power in my stroke!


      After fitting with Pedro I feel like a actually know how to ride. My riding position changed dramatically and now hills are incredibly easier. I now have access to the full range of my leg power into the pedal.

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