JoJé Bars

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JoJé Bar Mantra

Our freshly baked bars contain the finest ingredients with the science of performance in mind. You're about to enjoy the most delicious tasting energy and nutrition bar that is actual food that will provide you with substantial fuel to support your training, workout, and everyday on the go activity.

JoJe´ bars are gluten free which helps to eliminate allergens and encourages easy digestion. Non GMO and *dairy free ingredients (*except White Chocolate Coconut Blondie) are keeping in line with our approach to providing exceptional taste, texture, and nutritious value.



Ingredients: Sourcing high quality ingredients are the keys to our delicious tasting flavors, while being wholesome and nutritious.

  • We bake fresh each month.
  • Our simple carbohydrate source provides for immediate energy.
  • Our complex carbohydrate source allows for sustained energy. So you feel full longer, ideal for training and meal replacements!
  • Proteins and fats are derived from nuts, not artificial sources.
  • Scientific formulation of our fuel sources promote a sustained energy release without the typical spikes that commercially processed energy bars do.
  • JoJe´ bars are easy on your stomach and easy to digest.

Balance: We are all constantly seeking balance in our daily lives. JoJe´ helps in our own little way.

  • Cookie connoisseurs unite with this new take on nutrition bars! JoJe´ bars are baked soft and moist, like a cookie or brownie.
  • Fueling your training should be something you look forward to, not a chore.
  • A satisfying snack or meal replacement for our on-the-go busy lifestyle.
  • Kids will gobble them up like cookies and parents will approve JoJe´ bar’s healthy ingredients!

Energy: The end result of a great energy bar should be that it taste great and satisfy your nutritional goals.

  • JoJe´ bars simply work for your next race, workout, outdoor adventure, or daily shuffle.
  • Energy that tastes delicious and scientifically makes sense for proper fuel.
  • Created by athletes who understand the value of proper nutrition and great taste. John and Jess have spent years fine tuning your JoJe´ bars!